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"I am so delighted with the results of my Ultrasonic Cavitation with Stratton Laser Lipo, it's reduced my waistline by 4 inches and contoured my waist into an enviable shape. I couldn't be happier with the results and I will definitely be back before each and every holiday! Thank you, Stratton Laser Lipo!"
Louise, Swindon

Frequently asked questions

1. What is Laser Lipolysis?

Laser Lipolysis, also known as Laser Lipo, is a revolutionary technology for spot fat reduction; the treatment of cellulite and for skin tightening on both men and women. The fat-melting laser diodes used are a safe, painless, non-invasive and fast treatment for body contouring. The procedure is totally non-invasive and results are instant.

We use the full term 'Laser Lipolysis' as the correct technical term to describe the process whereby fat stored in cells (adipocytes) is broken down. This is often referred to using the common term 'laser lipo' (Trademark claimed by Laser Lipo Ltd.), however this term refers only to the devices sold by 'Laser Lipo Ltd' under the 'Strawberry Laser Lipo' brand, so the full term is used by us to avoid any confusion with the 'Laser Lipo Ltd' or the 'Strawberry Laser Lipo' brand.

2. How does Laser Lipolysis work?

By using ultra safe, low level laser light to disrupt the cell membranes of the cells just beneath the skin used by the body to store excess fat. This releases the fats and water into the lymphatic and venous system as a readily available source of fuel for the body.

3. Where does the fat go?

The contents of the fat cells are released by the Laser Lipolysis process. This newly available Duels is then used up by the body's natural biological processes.

4. Is it safe?

Yes. The laser light used is extremely safe and the entire process is completely non-invasive. The process has undergone examination and assessment by several medical bodies.

5. Can I drive after my treatment?

Yes. The treatment is completely pain free with no side effects.

6. Do I need to exercise?

Yes. The Laser Lipolysis treatments will release the stored fats into their Iymphatic and venous system. They need to increase their metabolic rate (how quickly your body uses the available fuel) through exercise. We recommend vibration plate-based exercise as a low impact method of increasing your heart rate and rapidly burning calories. We offer access to a power plate as part of your treatment but additional independent exercise will improve your results further.

The biological process that is set in motion and stimulated by the Laser Lipo treatments forms a cycle. This starts with the treatments, working with the exercise you undertake and your body’s natural processes. Over time, the effects diminish and you need another Laser Lipo treatment to maintain the cycle.

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7. I have lost weight and have been left with loose skin. Will the treatment work for me?

Yes, as the treatment also works as a skin tightening / skin rejuvenation treatment. However, in severe cases more than one course may be required to achieve the desired results.

8. Will the fat cells refill?

No, but only if you continue with a new healthy lifestyle which includes portion controlled meals and regular exercise. After a period of 4-8 months, the body will naturally breakdown and remove the unused fat cells.

9. Who can be treated with Laser Lipolysis?

Due to the non-invasive nature of Laser Lipolysis treatments, they are suitable for both men and women that wish to look their best and do not wish to endure the costs and risks of cosmetic surgery. However, there are a number of clinical conditions that would prevent treatment. Refer to the Contra-indications section on our treatment pages for more details.

10. How does Ultrasonic cavitation work? Ultrasonic cavitation uses ultrasonic waves of sound energy to pulverize the sub-dermal fat tissues. This compliments laser lipolysis by driving the contents from fat cells already treated with laser lipolysis, thereby accelerating results. However, cavitation can also be used in isolation to break down fat cell contents, break down stubborn and hard amalgamations (pads) of fat, and improve the texture and appearance of the skin.

11. How does Multi-polar RF work? Multi-polar RF uses targeted and focussed waves of radio frequency energy to heat the sub-dermal tissues. This is achieved through the use of three or more 'poles' to deliver the RF energy in a targeted controlled pattern to the dermal tissues directly beneath the treatment probes. The heating of the sub-dermal tissues tightens the skin by causing contraction of healthy collagen. The treatment also breaks down old collagen fibres whilst promoting fresh, supple, healthy collagen re-growth. RF Skin tightening gives immediate lifting and tightening effects as well as longer lasting tightening as new collagen is produced.

12. How does Vacuum Massage work? Using both positive and negative air pressure to create and release a vacuum within the treatment head, the tissues in the treated area are gently lifted and stretched. This has the benefits of breaking down old fibrous Septae Connective tissues in the skin made from collagen and promoting fresh collagen re-growth. Vacuum massage significantly improves and promotes lymphatic drainage, driving toxins from the sub-cutaneous layer, whilst also smoothing the skin.